Excellent reliable and cost-effective service.

-Mr P, York

Thank you for sending me two such pleasant hard working young ladies. Where do you find them?

-Mrs G, Thirsk

I would recommend the Cleanhome service to anyone it’s great value for money easy to set up and Sharon and Phil are extremely professional. My cleaner Kate always does a fantastic job.

-Mrs B, York

Cleanhome York were very quick to respond to my initial query and were able to find me the right support in less than one week. I was looking for a cleaner as soon as possible … but I never thought Cleanhome would be able to act so quickly. I had not heard of Cleanhome York before so I was very impressed with this service. Vicky has been excellent – its like having a second pair of hands … only better!!

-Mrs C, Great Ouseburn
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Why Is It So Difficult To Find Domestic Cleaners in York?

Often people struggle to find domestic cleaners in York that meet their requirements for cleaning their homes and they wonder why. The main reason is that there is such high demand for cleaners in York, so what options do you have?Domestic Cleaners in York

Why are domestic cleaners in York so hard to find?

There are many factors which affect this but the unemployment level in York is relatively low and people claiming benefits is lower by more than 10% of the national average. For further details please check out this article. This reveals the statistics for York.

There are many opportunities for cleaners within the commercial cleaning services. This is easily verified by visiting Booking.com. Where they show that there are over 474 hotels (on the date of this article being published). This is only the tip of the iceberg if you are looking at accommodation in York. Additionally, you also must consider the number of stores, shops, public houses, cafes, restaurants, offices, and various other trades where there is a demand for commercial cleaning.

Then there is the specialist cleaning and deep cleaning services for the likes of the hospitals, surgeries and schools etc. All of these requires a high number of professional cleaners. It now becomes far easier to understand why there is a shortage of people to employ in the professional cleaning industry.

Seasonal changes affect the availability of cleaners too. During the holiday season and school terms, there is a huge demand for cleaners. The high numbers of visitors to York increase the need for cleaners in the hospitality industry. Along with the comings and goings of students at the University during school terms which have a major impact too.

What is Domestic Cleaning?

This is a task which is carried out by a Domestic Worker who is a person who works within the employer’s household.

Domestic workerA domestic worker’s responsibilities are not limited to cleaning only. As it may involve some cooking, washing and ironing services too.

The most important thing to remember is that you are the boss and they work for you, so you should not have to adhere to professional cleaning services checklists on what can or can’t be done.

The cleaners are primarily there with you to take away the chore of housework from you, so they should carry out the tasks which you would have had to do yourself.

How do I find house cleaners near me?

There are many ways to find cleaners near me and we wrote a previous article on how to find the right domestic cleaner. Please select here to review the article as this should hopefully provide a guide for you.

How do I book a cleaner?

Various cleaning services operate differently as some send teams of cleaners that change each time and others send the same cleaner each time. This should be your first consideration when you are making a booking, as everyone’s preference is different.

As you will be letting a total stranger into your home, ask to meet the cleaner first. You are the client should have the final say on who you employ. Professional cleaning services should not dictate who works for you and when. You are the Boss!

You should be able to choose on what days and times are suitable for you as to when the cleaning is to be performed.

Try to find out what happens if things go wrong or if you want to change your cleaner for any reason.

You must check that there is some kind of insurance in place, so you have peace of mind.

When you book a cleaner the cleaning cost is very important. It’s like shopping or buying anything in that the most expensive items are not always the best. Have a budget in mind and ask for quotes.

The more research you do will help you find the right cleaner for you at the right price. Shopping around will ultimately lower your cleaning cost.


Hopefully, this article helps you understand why it is so difficult to find domestic cleaners in York. We have highlighted some of the problems you may encounter and what steps you can take to find the best domestic cleaner which suits you.

We at Cleanhome York certainly do understand the difficulties of finding good and reliable domestic cleaners in York at an affordable price, hence why we have set up our business model to resolve the problem for our clients. If you would like to find out more about us, please visit our website by selecting here.

Cleanhome York – Bespoke Service.

We are not happy until you are! Your cleaner will usually tailor their services to fit exactly with your requirements, including spring cleaning and ironing.

Bespoke Service

We are not happy until you are! Your cleaner will usually tailor their services to fit exactly with your requirements, including spring cleaning and ironing.

Peace of Mind

Only 1 in 50 applicants makes it on to our carefully screened database. We interview them twice, visit them in their own homes and take up at least two references. And if they still subsequently don't measure up to your standards, we will send you someone who does.

Personal Cleaner

We don't operate in teams, and therefore you get the same cleaner every week. This is good because you develop a relationship with your cleaner. We have some clients who have had the same cleaner for years and years - and that's what we want for you.

COVID-19 Announcement


Firstly, we sincerely hope you and your family remain safe and healthy in these extremely worrying times.

I write in respect of the business fee as we are asking all clients who miss any cleans to keep a record of them. We can then ensure you are refunded any business fees paid over this time for the cleans that have been missed.

As the cleaners work directly for you it is up to you whether you wish to retain their services at this time and we support wholly any decision you make. We also ask that you follow up to date government advice to keep both yourself and your family safe, as well as the cleaner.

The government advice is that people are being allowed to travel to and from work, but only where that work can not be done from home. This means that your cleaner can continue to clean for you should you wish, but that government guidelines on social distancing must obviously be observed.

Most of our clients are continuing with their cleaner, however others are asking that we put the cleaning on hold for the moment, which we are also very happy to do - we will support your wishes to the very best of our ability and will ensure that any of the missed cleans get either refunded or ‘banked’ – whichever you prefer, and we guarantee you will not lose out financially.

Both the cleaners and myself are self-employed. We are a small, local business and we will continue to do our best for both our clients and cleaners in these challenging times. Our office will be open as usual and we appreciate the continued support of all our valued clients.

In return we would like to offer our assistance, if any is needed, to all our clients at this very difficult time, and in particular to our older clients who may be self-isolating. If there is any help that we can provide in any way then please, just give us a call and we will do everything we can to help.

If anything good comes out of this terrible situation, then it’s that we all need to look out for each other, and we are very happy to play our part.

Stay safe and well 😊